दोस्ती से कीमती कोई जागीर नही होती दोस्ती से खूबसूर्त कोई तस्वीर नही होती दोस्ती यूँ तो कचा धागा है मगर इस धागे से मजबूत कोई ज़ंजीर नही होती

Since leaving medical school some of us have kept in touch with our colleagues and some have lost touch.

But since Golden Jubilee Celebrations and their preparations have been organised by Chary and Bharathi a lot of our colleagues who had lost touch with each other became Whatsapp fans and have rejuvenated their friendship.

On that note, Maya has sent an excellent video about Dosti !!


Here is our Dost Maya


And this is Yeh Dosti!

And for people who wanted to see Dharmendra and Amitabh Bacchan singing – here it is