Although we often fail to realize, the role of a teacher is perhaps one of the most important one in our lives. They are often considered second to our parents and very frequently considered as parents away from home – the people who give us education, knowledge and guidance, the most important jewels of our life.

Great teachers have two things in common: an exceptional level of devotion to their students, and the drive to inspire each one to learn and succeed

“I am the product of great teachers. They can show you something that you have never seen before. And awaken that little something inside of you that you’ve never seen before.”

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called ‘truth’.     The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts. The one exclusive sign of through knowledge is the power of teaching. –

Those were the days where there were minimum investigations. Then we used to depend on clinical skills – Professors say was final.

I was posted in Dr.S R Rao unit one of the best unit to learn bedside manners. His clinical knowledge was superb. Nutritional unit used to be attached to his unit.

Who will forget his classic teaching even after 45yrs his words ringing in my ears,” “knee reflex absent and ankle reflex present it is meningitis.

Taking him as model I decided to be physician – but destiny decided otherwise.

I had a tough examiner from Karnataka,when a multivalvular lesion was diagnosed. The examiner said it was beyond the scope of MBBS to diagnose it clinically. When I argued with justification of my findings ,he simply put zero in long case  saying no argument in examinations; having 70 in short cases and 63 percent in theory.  He asked me to come next time, so the final say was examiners. Rivalry between examiners leads us to become scapegoats.

Dr. Waghrey is another teacher whom I remember throughout my life. He was the person who revived me when I was 12 year child down with Diphtheria.

Next, when I was in 4th year medicine my father had a coin lesion at the base of right lung.

When other physicians treated it as malignancy and want to start chemotherapy, it was Dr,Waghrey who suspected it as amoebic lesion and treated – It dissolved.

My father a chain smoker gave up smoking at the insistence of Dr.Waghrey and lead a happy life after wards.

I will never forget the jokes of Dr Mathur. I did my house job under him. Dr Vinod Chandra was his Assistant Professor. For every case of vague complaints he used to say “give formula 44 (calcium Sandoz I.V)”.  For the heat generated while giving injection patient used to get satisfaction, and used to say “doctor saab bahuth powerful dava diya hai”. “After all foreign return tho hai”.

I did my surgical posting with Dr.Ramireddy.P.  A foreign returned  with a sense of humour .

His classic advice to a Family planning operated case was. “You should not ride a bicycle for one month. He meant sexual abstinence. When one of the patient said “I don’t have my own bicycle nor a hired one, why sir I don’t know how to ride a bicycle”. Every one burst into laugh.

Satyavathi Ranga Rao was another professor under whom I did my house job .She was with Dr.Rathnavathy Murthy. Very jovial and used to cut jokes irrespective of inhibitions. Nice lady always helpful.

There was PG Vijay Kumar. One day he was shouting for madam seeing straight through the OT door. Dr Rupender Lal  Anaesthesia professor came out and said “when you call madam you have to look down not up otherwise you miss her”. Everyone started laughing . Madam was a bit less than 5 ft height and Vijay Kumar was about 6 feet.

Another Professor with strong beliefs was Dr.Ramachander Rao of communicable diseases.

His lectures were interesting with all tips to remember. His classic tip was – if any patient comes with nasal discharge and weak limbs  you can rule out poliomyelitis

Dr Krishna Murthy was another surgeon very enthusiastic who had returned from the U.K.

One day while he was taking a class some students disturbed the class he become angry and challenged “anybody ready to fight with me mentally and physically.” Entire class went into silence. In middle of the benches tall and with large moustache, DR Subbarao was sleeping silently, someone poked him. He woke up from the sleep and thought it was for attendance, He stood up and said “yes sir”. Dr Krishnamurthy was surprised and thought he was responding to his challenge. He threw away his coat and said “What Mr Subbarao you want to fight with me”. After knowing what happened the entire class broke into laughter.

Dr,.Vittal Rao was another professor of pathology used to cut jokes. One day he was talking about abdominal aorta. Dr. Seshadri raised a doubt and he got annoyed and said” Seshadri you are a big trunk as Seshu was a bit stout at that time”.

Dr Hanumanth Rao , Anatomy professor  was a silent ,whispering  who never talked loudly.He was very strict and a disciplinarian. On the last day of his classes he called two names and everyone thought the two were out and that he is going to announce some action against them. After a pause he said Yadagiri chary and Venkateshwar Rao these are the two guys regularly attended my classes- relieving our tension.

It was Dr.N.Subrahmanya Reddy professor of ophthalmology ,who inspired me to compete my DNB. He used to guide and encourage time to time. I don’t know what is his real age was ,but his age varied ,with PGs his age was 20 to 30yrs  When with assistant professors  middle aged and with elite society he behaved as an elderly person. Pray God give him a long life. His guidance is essential for ophthalmology to improve its boundaries.

My salute to all my teachers

Dr.Vinod Bhargava I/C M.O causality,

Dr Hemachandra dermatologists comments on pointed shoes and the song Sarigamapa. …pa…pa.

Dr.Dharm Rai’s outrage on anaesthesists, Dr.Rajgopal’s prolonged thoracic surgeries,

Dr.Shantharam’s clinical classes, Dr Sisodia’s ticks ,how we used to get away with him.

Dr.Rajyalaksmi’s micro lectures,Dr Bhaskar’s analysis of criminal cases,

Dr .Hrushikeshs statistics classes, Dr Suguna madams pathology specimens,

Dr.Ranganath Rao and Dr.Simhadri’s bio and physiology classes of hitech nature to our infant brains

Dr.ABNRao’s surgical demonstrations of staphidectomy and membrainoplasty,

Dr.Sivareddy’s fast and sutureless cataracts surgeries,

Dr.Balaparmeshwar Rao,and DrGouri  madams Neurology analysis and localization technique..

Dr.Brahmaji and Sudheer Naik’s heart beats

We never forget.

It is said a teacher lives by his students. Yes sir we are here to carry your teaching skills and transfer our practical knowledge to younger generations, it will go on and on.


Where ever you are we bow our heads and salute all  our mentors, but for you sir, we would have not today what we are.


Jai hind
Pulijala Venksteshwar rao