It reminds me of a joke about Dr Abul hasan Siddiqui a great physician and clinician in those days.

We were spared as he was not there when we joined.

Those were the days when laboratory services were only available in the institutions.

He was taking a class and asked one of the student – “Imagine you are working in a Primary Health centre (PHC) and a patient presents with an ulcer on the toe. diabetes1

How do you assess whether he is a diabetic”.

Student said – “Benedict test”     diabetes2

Dr Siddiqui – “Not available in PHC”.

Another student said ” I will ask for Ants diabetes3

Dr Siddiqui – ” No, ants may not be there, next what would you do?

The students kept quiet.

Dr Siddiqui then asked the patient to pass urine in a glass and he dipped his

index finger and tasted it! diabetes5

He asked the students to taste the urine and confirm the diagnosis.

All the students dipped their index finger and tasted and confirmed it was sweet.

Dr Siddiqui got annoyed and said “none of you have got observational power. I dipped my index finger and tasted with middle finger- You fools used the same finger to taste”!

He also said “no one tastes urine for sugar, but we depend on clinical symptoms till confirmed by the laboratory”.