Today since morning one person’s name keeps on coming into my psyche.
Those were the days when I was waiting for the results to join medical college. PUC results were out and I came to know one student from Nizam college topped the list with biology as optionals. A real impossible feat!! I was also informed that he was the topper in matric exam too. It was but natural, the medical seat came in a platter. I wanted to meet him desperately after joining medical college.

It was customary to undergo medical check ups before starting of the college, one day I was waiting at SD hospital bus stand after finishing my eye test. There were few more of the classmates whose acquaintance was not there. Some one was pointing to a short statured, spectacled, boy who was standing in the bus stop and was telling to his friend that he was the one who topped PUC exam.

I just couldn’t believe my years and just rushed to that boy, took his hands, introduced myself and shook his hands and told him how excited I am to meet him. He was surprised at that and smiled and shook my hands.
That was the day, a long lasting friendship got established. He used to stay at Aghapura which was nearer to my house and used to visit him.

He was a good hockey player.

He was the member of Dr.Hemchandra voice imitating members club!!!

We were the cycle riding gang.

As he was leaving for USA, he used to come to my clinic, spend some time and share  jokes before he left.

In 1978 when I was in GMH for my wife’s delivery, I meet his sister who was the RMO and she informed me about his brother’s expected visit and possible marriage in coming months. I felt very happy and was waiting for the visit.

That visit never happened.

I came to know that while driving on a heavily snowy day, his car came under the wheels of 16 Wheeler and he was killed.

The news was shocking.

It made me cry for a while.

Our batch lost a brilliant student. He is none other than my friend Salauddin Ather.

May his soul rest in peace.

Contributed by Yadagiri Chary