Case 1 – One fine morning a young lady before attending a marriage, went to her local Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) who was practicing near me and asked for an energy injection (బాలం)  so that she can eat a lot during lunch. The RMP gaveher FPP4 (F.procain pencil) after which she started to itch, vomited and fell down.

The RMP brought the patient to me and gave the history, following which I started treatment immediately, struggled for 4 – 5 hours, following which she became normal. The RMP doctor had already taken 5 rupees and was safe, whilst I was paid 20 Rupees without any benefit to me. Following this case of anaphylactic shock which I treated well, my name was advertised for good treatment.

Case 2 – In 1981 in Sommokadidhi, Sokokadidhi (my place) another RMP used to give an injection and “Mantra” for children particularly with bronchopneumonia.People used to give him 5 Rupees, a hen plus 5 lemons. The RMP after chanting “Mantra” used to send the patient to me for injections.

Case 3 – Some patients used to come to me and show their right hand and ask me what happend to them? I used to be suprised but the patient’s used to insist that “you are a big doctor and must see my hand”.

Generally the patients were alcoholic, so after a good nights sleep after alcohol (తాడ్డి) they would wake up with body pain and walk dragging their legs. I used to tell them what had happened, following which I gave them two injections on both buttocks. They were highly impressed.

Case 4 – A patient with fracture of tibia and fibula who was seen at the Osmania General Hospital came to see me as he was not satisfied with their doctors. I applied Plaster of Paris and after two months he started to walk and was very happy.

Case 5 – One night another patient was brought to me on a Nuluka cot  nuluka carried by four people from a distance of 8 kilometres. He developed injury to his testis after his bullock attacked him. I treated him sutures after administering local anaesthesia. He was an inpatient for 5 days, during which a lot of people visited him.

As a result my practice improved further.