Another interesting and a simple natured, fun loving person was Dr. Shanti Narayan Mathur.

Mathur’s are Kayasts with Lucknowi traditions and many came and settled during Nizam’s time in Hyderabad and prospered and attained a respectable position in the society. Many became Physicians and paediatricians.

This incident happened when Prabhakar Chary was the hostel secretary. He was six months senior to us.
He wanted me to present a song for the hostel day celebrations. I was known for my parody songs.

I composed a song on all the problems of hostel and was ready to present.
Dr.Shanti Narayan Mathur was the warden.
On the “D day”, the function started in the morning. All the hosteliers and students and faculty assembled in the auditorium. Dr Mathur was sitting in the front row.

My name was announced and I reached the stage took the mike and wished everyone and started singing my parody. It was based on a popular number ” ek taara bole tun tun”.

My song went” ek secretary bole sun sun”
It included all the problems faced by the hosteliers including girls.

Everybody was enjoying and laughing.

My concluding stanza included” Ram na Kare mere hostel ko eisa koyi warden mile, Jo aap bhi duube, bache bhi duube, hostel ko bhi le duube! Budjet liya aur khisak gaya, hostel diwaala nikal gaya tho phir uske baad?

As I was singing, he rushed on to the stage shouting” behude! band kar, kya gaara, band kar, and stopped me from singing.

I stopped and went back to the stage feeling little scared looking at the reaction of Dr.Mathur! I was into clinical postings and was worried seeing his reaction.

I was worried about my fate in the examinations

One day I was passing in front of the medical out patients, he suddenly emerged from the out patients and saw me and stopped and called me and said” aji hazrath, hostel mein fans laga diya, jaake dekho. Hoon bolke stage pe chadkar gaana gaathe”

I nodded my head and silently escaped.

In my final year exam orals, he was telling the external examiner not to speak anything , otherwise I was going to imitate him. I left the hall with lots of apprehensions but when I looked at my marks later they were generous.
Any other examiner would have viewed my adventurism in a different angle.

Later on I used to meet him in various meetings and functions.

He was a simple man with down to earth attitude.
There are many more anecdotes’ of him to share. May be at the reunion night!

May his soul rest in peace.

Just to remind our colleagues – what the original song was

Hopefully we will hear Chari’s version at the Reunion!!