We always remember Dr.S.R.Rao as a good teacher, but how many of you remember Dr.Raghunathan our HoD in medicine in final year. I was one of the students posted with him. What an extensive knowledge he possessed!
He was the man who started seminars for the undergraduates and I remember my presentation on Jaundice.

But for my strong liking for surgery, I would have been a Physician due to his influence. I used to meet him after his retirement.
May his soul rest in peace.

Another person I failed to mention is  Mr Anjaneyulu of biochemistry. A non  medico used to teach biochemistry. We used to call a monkey without tail as he use to roam from front to back row while taking classes , disturbing student’s sleeping in back benches.

Anajaneyulu was a character by himself. He was close to Ranganadha Rao. Late Ram Manohar Reddy used to imitate him perfectly to the core. Most of the non clinical guys were like that only with a tinge of inferiority complex.

I do remember once we had a class test conducted by Mr Anjaneyulu in biochemistry when I (Chakradhar) , Eswar, Chari and few others absconded the test and went to watch a movie in Ashok Talkies near our College . In 20 minutes of watching the movie we saw Mr Aanjaneyulu with other students who dragged us back into the class to do the test.  Chari and Eswar may remember what he said scolding all the way to the classroom .

Another guy of that sadistic nature was Rajender Babu of Anatomy. He is still like that and only till recently he was attached to Kamineni Medical College.


PV Rao, Chakradhar and Chary