By Dr. Yadagiri Chari

“Time and again people used to fly from place to place just to see the pseudopodia spreading under the microscope”
I hope you have all recollected the often spoken statement by one of our charismatic teacher, a man with a sense of humour! Well, I was hinting about Dr.Bansilal Wigg one of  our Professors of Medicine. He was a Punjabi who settled in Hyderabad.

He always used to lace his lectures, which he used to deliver from old prepared notes, with some standard jokes (I am told he used to note down the joke to be shared in his notes)

He was in the UK for his training and used to narrate his experiences.
One day he was joking about the South Indian Taj Mahal Hotel lunch experience.
He said ” they were serving mountains  of rice and oceans of sambar”rice
As he was a Punjabi, he might not have seen someone eating so much of rice.

In one class he was narrating about his guests who came from UK about the dinner experience in his house. When he enquired about their last night dinner experience, I believe they told him that “everything was perfect except  that both the ends were BURNING”. hot

In another class he was talking about haematuria and was mentioning Beet root also causing reddish urine. beetroot-300x172

He was narrating about an incident in which a student nurse mistakenly blamed her boy friend for the red urine, forgetting about the Beet root dinner which she had last night.

He always used to say “people went to this doctor and that doctor and finally came to me” for correct diagnosis and final treatment

That was Dr. Bansilal Wigg.

I used to meet him often when I was in the government service.
His daughter is also a doctor and his son Ajit Singh is a pulmonologist.
May his soul rest in peace.


By Dr Sudhaker Reddy

We were posted in his ward in the final year.  Later on he was one of the Professors in Gandhi during our MD days. So, we had lot of interaction with him.

To his credit, he used to bring very good cases for discussion, sometimes even from his clinic. He used to make the discussion very interesting with anecdotes & jokes.

I still remember when he allotted one day, a case of Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery Syndrome to me & I diagnosed it correctly.

He thought it’s too difficult to diagnosis on our own without a clue from his PG’s & started scolding them although they were not guilty of doing so.

One of his pet question was “how do we test the small muscles of the hand”? beetroot1

He used to say that he practiced this during the free time he gets while sitting on the seat of the lavatory.

He used to like teaching a lot. We had very pleasant experiences with him.

May his great soul rest in peace.