Professional Career

DCH in 1976
DTCD in1978
MDIn pulmonolgy in 1981
Asst professor in 1982
Professor HOD in1988
Deputy super intent in 1991
Superintendent in1997
Senate member NTR health university 2002
Retiredin2007 may31
Joined as professor of Emiratis in Kamineni institute of medical sciences 2007 retired in May 2019.
Important assignments
  1. State task force chairman
  2. Zonal task force chairman for 6 yrs
  3. Nations task force strategy planning committee member
  4. I was Nodal officer forstateSARS program
  5. I was DOTS and DOTS plus committee member
  6. I was nominated by govt ForCDC for inter country work shop
  7. I was National trainers trainee in HIV and AIDS programme
  8. I was evaluator for cardiopulmonary resuscitation of EMRI
  9. Advisor for Astragenica and guest speaker
  10. Advisor for Allergo pharma in implementation of immunotherapy for Asthma
  11. Appointed as chairman technical committee member for preventing viral epidemics
  12. I was chairman of Indian chest society south zone and governing body member of Indian chest society
  13. My name was recommended for Padma awards
  14. Nominated as Member of EPTRI
  15. Elected President of Telangana pulmonologists conference
  16. Secretary for ICS Telangana chapter
  17. Awards 1.Recipient of three times chief minister award consecutively for HIV programme
  18. Reciepient of Australian High commission merit certificate forSARS programme
  19. National Award of TAI gold medal
  20. Recipient of Saroj Jyothi gold medical
  21. Recipient of OA Sharma gold medal
  22. Academics 1. Published paper on MDRT in chest journal
  23. Pollution in traffic police chest journal
  24. HIV sub type c
  25. Cerevical lymph adenitis
  26. Carcinoid Tumor and laser therapy
  27. Lung cancer in Hyderabad
  28. Many more papers more than 100
  29. Chaired prestigious lecture byGINA guidelines chairman and member committee GOLD guide lines onCOPD
  30. Chaired on many national state and international conferences
  31. I was guest speaker on pleural effusion for South east Asia conference
  32. PS reddy oration
  33. Many lectures on various IMA meetings
  34. Organised National task force conference and 6 zonal task force conferences and 2 state pulmonologists conferences
  35. Extracurricular
  36. Kotak MDRT million dollar round table for 5 times consutively inter nations recognition
  37. 10 times platinum award in Kotak
  38. Hall of fame award from Kotak

Married to Hemalata. Two daughters.Monisha Butt, a microbiologist in Dallas and Meghna a software engineer.