That was 1966. The list of selected candidates was displayed in Osmania Medical College.

-Two guys got selected.They were also colleagues in agriculture college which they joined during the waiting period before joining medicine.When they reached the agricultural college to get their originals, they had their shock of life. They were earlier transferred to bapatla agricultural college along with the originals under reciprocal exchange programme. Both were  dumbstruck. Didn’t know what to do. The steel  plant agitation was at its  peak.

The train services and bus services were blocked by agitators. agitation agitation1The date for submission for the originals was fast approaching. Both didn’t know about Bapatla. They gathered courage and managed to get into a bus that was going to Vijayawada.vijayAt Vijayawada managed to board a bus going to Bapatla. As they reached the college, their hopes were shattered as the college was closed due to ongoing agitation.

They somehow  reached the dean’s house and explained him about their problem of their originals. The dean understood and he made the office opened, searched their originals and handed  over to them. They profusely thanked him, left the college.

On the way back they saw a temple, went in side and thanked the Lord for all the help. They again with all difficulties reached Vijayawada and from there Hyderabad. The other guy got down at Surya pet. suryaSubsequently  the originals were submitted and got their admissions confirmed. Since then their friendship remained steadfast and ever growing and remembering their journey and experience, they always have a hearty laugh. Can you guess who the guys were?

  • One was Chary and the other one Ramulu dasoji☺☺

Yadagiri Chary