It was 1968
Just entered the third year.
One more year to go for anatomy and physio exam.
Guru was the class rep.( Ananth and Guru were elected as class reps in second year. Ananth for second year and Guru for third year, Ananth organized Nagarjunsagar picnic)
It was the turn of Guru to organize.
Decided to go for a day, no night stay.

After deliberations, it was decidpocharamed to go to Pocharam lake in Medak about 150km.




Bus full of classmates travelled.

On the way had a visit to Medak cathedral
It was 2pm by the time we reached Pocharam.
After lunch we all sat in the beautiful lawn in front of the guest house. The sun was slowly going down to the west.

Mahmood Ali Khan with his camera was capturing that scene.
Girls were sitting on one side
Boys opposite to them on the lawn with the lake as the backdrop.
All were requesting Khader to sing a song.
He adjusted himself and started ( Ye neele gagan ke tale, dharti ka pyaar pale).

All were in a trance with the song and its surroundings.
Even to this day, classmates remember that day and his song.
He has become ” Neele gagan ke tale” boy with the blue eyes😄

Watch out for Khader  khader1 to sing it again in December!!