When we went to Dr Chitharanjan Das Charitable Trust Medical Camp at Achampet, Dr Raghunathan and Dr Waghrey were the Physicians.

One night at dinner, a dark coloured linear 1 inch mass was seen in Biryani. Dr Waghrey showed it to us and asked what it is?

Everybody said it was “Mirchi” chil1

He took it in one and said since the mass got wings and legs, it cannot be Mirchi and for all probability it is Cockroach unless proved otherwise! chil2


2nd incident

When I was with Dr Shanti Narayan Mathur a patient used to trouble him on rounds daily with some vague complaints. Vexed with his complaints, Dr Mathur changed the medicine and said “if you won’t get treated by tomorrow morning take this 10 paisa. “Ye das paisa leke pan khake mere mooh pe thukna”.

Next day when we went for ward rounds the patient was “chewing pan”. chil3

Luckily Dr Mathur did not come for the rounds that day!!