Talking about idlis, I remembered two incidents.

  1. Whenever I went to Madras I stayed in an Udipi Hotel for Idli and sambar. I liked them very much.


I read a paper in Bangalore in 1977 on Hypotensive anaesthesia.

Aruna the anaesthetist and her husband Subash were there. Subash suggested a Chinese meal for lunch, I said “good bye I am going to Udipi for idli and sambar” and walked away.

Aruna, “sweet girl” came running after me saying, we are coming with you for idli sambar. We had idli sambar for lunch.

The owner of the restaurant served us idli and brought sambar in a bucket. sambar

He was happy that he was serving a “Velle Karan” a white man in Tamil. I went on eating sambar and he kept on pouring it in my plate. The owner got fed up and said “Sir you can finish the sambar”. He was angry, but Aruna and Subash laughed their guts out.

2. Later Additional Professor Menon read my paper in New Delhi at the 5th Asian Congress. At that time I was in Iran.