50 years back two boys were standing in front  of Osmania Medical College footpath.-

-One was surrounded by group of his friends  and  another with his cycle. teenager

-The boy with the cycle was observing the other boy with curiosity. bicycle

-The other boy was little amused  and started talking with his colleagues looking at the boy with the cycle.

-The boy with the cycle approached  the other boy hesitantly who by then was laughing with colleagues after passing some comment.

-The cycle boy gathered some courage and asked him  did you study in Chaderghat middle school in1962.

-The boy stopped laughing and looked surprised  and  replied in affirmative.

-The cycle boy reminded  the other boy about the lunch hour and sitting on school stairs and singing songs.

-His face, eyes  brightened  and  rushed  towards the cycle boy and embraced him warmly and his joy was beyond any bounds.

-That was the beginning of a very long friendship which never withered in any situation.

-It remained steadfast till date and for ever. I think that is in the true sense love and affection.


-Any guess who those  two boys were ?

The boy with the group was Guru Raj Reddy and the cycle boy was  Chary  and the present  Charlie  to Guru!

Yadagiri Chary