Today let us all remember another departed soul – Vinod.
The very name brings a small statured, shy yet bold individual.
He was from the backward district of Adilabad.
He was a hard working student.
He was a person with high degree of self esteem.
I still remember one day in the ophthalmology op.class, late Dr.Ranga Reddy addressed him ” arey case choosinavura?”
He immediately reacted and retorted” Arey ani everini anttunnavu? Ma naayana kuda anadu sir, Be careful while talking. Ranga Reddy was shocked.
We all congratulated him for his reply as many of us faced that humiliation.
He was with me during house surgency at Patancheru. He was always busy preparing for ECFMG at Patancheru.
After that I haven’t met him nor heard about him till recently as somebody revealed the news that he passed away. I don’t know the cause.
He was typical like a black pepper with full of vigour and utmost self respect.
Vinod I miss you.
May your soul rest in peace.