Shradhanjali by Dr Bharathi Reddy

Veena was a very close friend of us. She used to stay along with M Bharathi and her sister vidya in Domalguda Gandhi Women’s hostel.

Myself, kumuda, Hema used to visit them in the hostel quite frequently.

She was very soft spoken, shy person. We all attended her marriage in hot summer in vijayawada. I cannot forget that hot weather. Her husband is Dr Vijay kumar who is working in Apollo Hospital Hyderabad.

She was only one close friend of me who was present to attend my marriage. All my close friends left abroad by that time. She helped me in shopping and stayed in my house to help me .

She went to Algeria along with her husband and both were happy. She was blessed with baby boy and she came to India and left the boy with her parents.

After many years we heard the news that she passed away suddenly.

May be an heart attack or an accident in a friend’s house where she went to collect photos of her son from India.

Her sister Vidya is also close to us. Veena’s son is now married and blessed with a child.

I miss her very much. It is a great loss to our close group friends. May her soul rest in peace.

Shradhanjali by Dr Yadagiri Chary

Let us remember another classmate.

This time a lady. She is none other than our Veena. She was an embodiment of grace and beauty. She was close with both Bharathi’s, Swatantra, Kumuda, Hema and Prabhavathi.

She used to stay in Women’s college hostel along with M.Bharathi.

She was calm, petite and rarely communicative. She was in C.D section. I used to talk with her .

After third year, I lost contact and occasionally used to come across in the college. From colleagues I came to know that she was married and was in the Middle east with her family.

Later on I was told that she died at her residence due to some accidental mishap.

She was such a gentle, loving and friendly classmate who prematurely passed away.

May her soul rest in peace.

Shradhanjali by Dr Sudhaker Reddy

It’s sad that we lost so many of our classmates. May her soul rest in peace. I remember her name but not able to recollect her face.

Shradhanjali by Dr. Zehra Shabbir

I remember Veena. .. tall and always a smile on her face. We had some good times together.My prayers for her and her family.

Shradhanjali by Dr. Gururaj Reddy

Sorry to hear the sad news. I remember her as one who kept herself to herself.


Shradhanjali by Dr M Bharathi

I was very close to Veena, we were roommates in women’s hostel.
I still have the letter she posted to me few months before her demise.
Her parents and Vidya attended
Chaithan’s (our son) wedding.
I have very fond memories of her, often think about her
Love you Veena.


Shradhanjali by Dr Kumuda

Want to share about Veena.
Veena was more than just a friend. She was like a daughter to my parents like MBha and Swatantra who stayed in our house frequently.
Because of that Veena ‘s father would meet my parents frequently. Her father was a very special person. So dignified and loving. Ram mohan rao garu visited me when we came for Ravi’s wedding (Janni’s younger brother ).
He knew I was in town and visited. I was choking with the memories of Veena. And we shared the grief.
But he immediately rose above it and was asking about my life , Sundeep and our welfare. So dignified. I never forgot it. Vidya , Veenas sister would always accompany Veena at our home and with our friends.
Veena — such a gentle soul , soft spoken and at peace. Her presence always was filled with love and caring.
Such friends are always a part of you. They represent all the good and love you have.
I love you dearest Veena. I wish you Enlightenment in this birth.

Shradhanjali by Dr Sujatha

Veena was a very good friend of mine. She was my roommate also in Women’s College hostel.

She was very kind and gentle. I have fond memories of Veena.

Bharathi , do you remember this? This picture was taken at my wedding reception. Veena is in dark pink saree .

May her soul rest in peace.