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Dr. D Vasudha

Plot No- 44, P&T Colony,

Gandhinagar, New Bakaram,

Hyderabad – 500080

Mob – 09849032987

Phone – 040-27532505

Email id- daspurva@yahoo.co.in


Education – M.B.B.S – 1966 – 72

M.D (Gen) 1974 – 77


Marriage – Married in 1976

Work History

  • Worked as Research Associate in an ICMR Project ‘Stroke in the young’ 1978 – 81
  • Joined Govt Service in 1981 as CAS in E.S.I Hospital at Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad. Continued in Service till Retirement in 2008. I was H.O.D (Medicine) from 1992 – 2008 i.e till Retirement. Refused the post of Superintendent and Director of Insurance Medical services on personal Grounds.
  • After Retirement presently working in Dr. VRK Teaching Hospital, Hyderabad as Associate Professor in Medicine.


Spouse – D. Ramakrishna BSC, BE, ME(PH)

Retd as Engineer-in-chief (Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board)

Leading a Retd life and is an Advisor to Hyderabad Water Board.


Hobby – Gardening