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Shradhanjali by Vijaylaxmi (Vijji)

Syeda we all miss you. I am glad that I got this wonderful chance to recollect beautiful memories you left behind. Thanks to OSMECO 66.

The memory starts from our first day in the college. I entered the class room with beating heart as I was late and my eyes fell on you “all serene and simple” sitting on the 4th elevated row of the gallery on the left side of the class room. I went straight to you and asked if anyone is sitting and you nodded no with a smile and from that day our journey started together!


Syeda’s favourite song was

Shradhanjali by Yadagiri Chary

One of our most charming and beautiful classmate was Syeda Razvi.

Her ancestral background might have contributed to her complexion.
Ever smiling, ever agile and sportive.
Who can forget that night at Nagarjun sagar picnic which we all went in our second year.
We were all playing “passing of the baton ” game.
The baton stopped in the hands of Syeda when the music stopped.
She was asked to kiss the hand of the person sitting right to her.
He was Bhoopal Reddy.
Syeda was ready to kiss but that guy was full of shyness and didn’t allow her to kiss.
We were all cursing him for the missed opportunity.
That was Syeda.
She joined anaesthesia and i joined surgery.
What a wonderful atmosphere it was during emergency surgeries!
Me and Bharathi as surgeons and Syeda, Vishalam, and Ali Raza  as anaesthetists!
I met her for the last time at Niloufer hospital before she left for States.
After that I didn’t have any information.
One day someone told me that she is no more.
I just couldn’t believe it.
What happened, why it happened, I don’t know but her ever smiling face, her agile figure, her charming manners always remain in my psyche for ever.
We all miss you Syeda.
May her soul rest in peace.


Shradhanjali by Dr Maya

I remember Syeda RAZVI from primary school, as she was a classmate of my elder sister all through school in Rosary Convent , though she was one year senior to me.

Who can forget her pink complexion, smiling face with lovely dimples, long hair always neatly plaited & her elegant gait. She was an intelligent individual with an elite poise.