Shradhanjali by Yadagiri Chary

Today friends for a moment let us think about another departed friend Surya Prakash.
He was one of our calm yet brilliant student.
His roll number was 4.
I used to interact with him .
He was close to Sam, Jan and Balaji.
His younger brother Vijay was from Gandhi and he owns a nursing home where I used to visit and operate.
He went to States and was working with Sam in Hobbs, New Mexico.
I met him in Hyderabad when he came to attend his father’s anniversary and were discussing about college days and his work at Hobbs.
I later came to know that he was suffering from some medical problem and finally he lost the battle to the same.
Recently when I was in states with Sam, he was narrating his association with Surya Prakash at Hobbs.
I recently met his wife in Hyderabad and offered her my condolences.
He was such a saintly person with a smile on his face.
Never hurting, never harsh.
We all miss you Surya.
May his soul rest in peace.

Sad to see our friends go. Boys and girls in our class used to be mostly in separate groups except when we meet during practicals etc. He was quietly helpful. Heartfelt condolences to the family God give them patience to bear his loss.   He will be missed by us all. May his soul rest in peace in heaven.

Response from Sujatha

(wife of Dr. Suryaprakash)

Thank you all for sharing your feelings about Prakash.  It really means a lot to our family.

Although he was always a quiet person by nature, he enjoyed talking about friends with a great smile.

Sam,Janardhan and Sudhakar were always in his conversations.

He was a very compassionate soul and his daughters meant a world to him.

I will post some of his pictures as you all may want to remember him

Thank you Love you all dearly.

If any of you are in Dallas please stay with us. We would love that. Kumuda I can’t wait for you both to visit us. It was very nice to see Vidya.


Shradhanjali by Dr Asha Ayyagiri

(Daughter of Dr Suryaprakash)

My Name is Asha Ayyagari, and I am Dr. Suryaprakash Ayyagari’s youngest daughter.  Here is my father’s bio.

My mother sent some words as well, but I would hope you can include this as well for the reunion.

Daddy was born on February 3, 1950.  All early life details my mother sent you. He came to US for residency in anesthesiology in Boston, Massachusetts, and married my mother, and stayed in Boston until 1994, and then move to New Mexico where he practiced until 2012.  My sister was born in 1983, and I was born in 1985.

My dad was so close to my sister and I.  Words cannot express our relationship with him.  He slept in my bed for five days after I left for college because he missed us so much.  He would drop everything and get on a plane to come see us whenever we wanted.

One time, when I was having a bad day in college, he jumped in a car and drove 6 hours to see me for 24 hours.

His care and generosity for all people was limitless.  He was the most selfless person you would ever meet, with such a great sense of humor.  He spoke softly, and never negatively.  He respected all, and lived for his family.

He loved his job and being a physician was made for him.  He advocated for his patients every single day, and fought hard for them.  People in the community had the utmost respect for him, and would come up to me and say your dad saved my life.  It was a beautiful feeling.

He enjoyed sports more than anybody I have ever met, and played tennis & golf avidly.  The little things in life made him happy and he never needed much.

He was always full of love and kindness and to be his daughters, is a true PRIVILEGE.

We have so many hilarious memories and we will cherish him forever, and hopefully will carry on his legacy.

Shradhanjali by Dr Sudhakar Reddy

I was very closely associated with Suryaprakash. A brilliant person, but always preferred to stay silent. He was humility personified. He was truly a saint. Never did I hear him criticizing any one. He had a vast knowledge of diverse subjects. He’s incapable of committing any sin to deserve such an unpleasant end. He suffered a lot in his final years due to a degenerative disorder of nervous system. We miss a great soul. Personally, it’s a huge loss to me.

May His noble soul rest in peace.

Shradhanjali by Dr Abdul Khader

Sam use to tell me that Surya Prakash would remember and make a mention whenever we met.

At least twice during my drive to Fl.through Dallas, I wanted to drive to Hobbs but never could make it.
Known him to be a tender kind and gentle soul.

Peace be to him and his family.

Shradhanjali by Dr Sambaiah

He is closest friend I ever had!
We started in first year, Padmanabham is number one Prakash number two, me number three. I use to visit his house next to the Fever hospital.

He use to hang around with sudhaker.

In 1974 I left to New York. He came to New York without a job and stayed with me for 6 months. Then he moved to Boston and got married.

My son joined a prep school in Boston. I use to visit him.

Then one day I asked him to come to Hobbs New Mexico. He took over the department of anesthesia, which is rare for a foreigner. We practiced together for 20 years. His wife is a good cook, use to hang around quite a lot.

He has two daughters and my three boys grew up together.
Sad part is he became my patient ,diagnosed to have ALS, confirmed at Harvard.

He stoped practiceing and moved to Dallas. We both have the houses in Dallas nearby.

I did eulogy at his funeral and all the friends and boys carried the casket to cremation.

I really miss him!

Shradhanjali by Dr Kumuda

Well said Sambu. We feel the sorrow and pinch ourselves. Spoke with Sujatha twice recently and Janardhan met her and Vijay.

Sujatha shared with him a video clip of his last stages. Janni cried seeing his helplessness caused by this ALS.
Yes , we will all miss this gentle soul. May he have rapid evolution and Enlightenment.

Shradhanjali by Dr Razvi

Thanks Chary for informing dear Surya Prakash’s demise.
Well done Sambiah. Please give my condolences to his family.
Tell them that Raza a Good friend of Surya Prakash and a Shia Muslim just finished
praying to my God the happines of his departed soul. Inshallah his place is in heaven.

Shradhanjali by Dr Bharathi Reddy

Surya Prakash was very quiet and calm boy in the class who was very pleasant and peaceful very sad about his premature demise.

God will give him peace and moksha to his soul.

Shradhanjali by Dr Gururaj Reddy

What a mixed day it is today!

SP’s sad demise; growing up with a person to be his doctor in terminal stages must be difficult to bear for Sambaih as is for many of us.
Prayers from friends to soothes the family to some extent!
Jogi’s joke reflects what comes next. I am sure SP’s clock never moved.
Thanks a bunch to Kumuda for her extreme knowing on philosophy of “life” to throw more knowledge to the likes of me.
I am writing as I feel with a heavy heart at dwindling numbers amongst us.
Prayer: stay and share!

Shradhanjali by Dr P V Rao

I don’t know in what language I should convey my sympathies,I don’t know in which condition they are.
Instead of conveying sympathies to bereaved family,I thought of speaking in trans world language that is silence.writing in invisible language of my mind,keepkng it blank for a while.
My feelings I think reached my friends ,they shed tears in form of rain yester day.

Shradhanjali by Dr Ramulu

Very sad to hear about Surya Prakash and he was close to me as well in college days
Unfortunately lost touch and heard through Chaks when he passed away and we could not believe.
I always remember him to be very simple, gentle and  kind hearted person who had a smile. I can still visualise him how he was in spite of not seeing him for years.
Regret for not being in touch.
I suppose we all realise this and hence I feel that there is a great response to our reunion.
We hope that we get back at least little of our lost time as friends and classmates.

Shradhanjali by Dr Chakradhar Rao

I heard of surya Prakash s demise though Eswar.when it happened  He was close to few like Srinivas Babu and me as well throughout medical career in the medical school . I spoke to him when he was in Boston but never met him in USA . We all miss him .


Shradhanjali by Kumuda

Dr: Sam and Prakash had a beautiful friendship from medical school.They were together until his last breath. He was our family physician, counsellor and a favourite uncle to my kids.
He is a guide and always been a well wisher for us.
We would not have handled our agony with Prakash’s health without him.
We love you Sam and Sneha.


Shradhanjali by Janardhan Reddy

Here we are, gathered together

To share and to remember

Departed dear friends

  How they enriched our lives

Moment doesn’t pass, we don’t miss

 No words can express our love, our loss

In 1966, we were sixteen

Going on seventeen

Innocent, invincible, raging hormones

Full of confidence and big dreams

Five decades ago, we met

Meet again now, here, in the retreat

Lost a bunch of friends

No one can steal their memories

We come and go, life drama goes on                                                                                                                                       Atma is eternal, it lives on and on

Past is history, future –a mystery

Present is a present from Almighty

A word or two about Suryaprakash, saintly soul

Both being in the East coast, he became a close pal

Born in Bhimavaram, later in Kurnool, Eluru for studies

 Landed in the big city in 66 for MBBS

Lost his mom in his early years

 Grew up with step mom and two siblings

A man of few words

Heart full of love and kindness

Loved tennis, golf, music and fiction

Calm, amicable and cheerful in disposition

Anesthesia he practiced, in the US

 Boston in the beginning, later in Hobbs

Life cut short by ALS

Left his saintly spouse and 2 lovely daughters

Prakash until we meet again, I ask God

 To hold you in the palm of His hand

Let’s stand and observe, moment of silence

 Let his soul enjoy peace and bliss