Shradhanjali  by Vittal


I would like to let my classmates know about our departed friend Sridhar.

I was transferred from Kakinda Medical College to Osmania. I stayed in the Medical college hostel.

Since I was new, I had no friends.I told few students that I was celebrating my birthday and invited them to my room. It was not my Birthday. Sridhar, Sambiah and Ravinder Reddy ( Gandhi Student) showed up.

This is the way our friendship started.

Sridhar came to the States one year after me. We were all busy for about 10 years before we got together again.

Sridhar, Sam,Ravi and myself started taking family vacations together.

We visited numerous countries.

Our children became friends and most of them keep in touch with each other.

All I can say we all enjoyed his company very much.

He lost his life in a car accident in 2013.

He was a very affectionate and loving friend. He enjoyed life to the full extent.

We miss him with all our hearts.


Shradhanjali by Yadagiri Chary

To day I would like to pay my homage to another departed, close friend Sridhar.

What a person he was! Always laughing, friendly and ever ready to help.

Sridhar came from a Kannada Brahmin family, and their house was near Shamshabad- Shadanagar area.

He was a hostler and was close to Vittal, Purushotham,Ramulu, Sambaiah , Khader, Madan and other hostlers. He was the hostel secretary for one tenure and was quite popular because of his monthly dinners and the care with which he used to take.

I was close to him and couple of times accompanied him to the sweet shop in Sultan bazaar to procure sweets for the monthly dinners at the hostel. I was once his guest for the monthly dinner.

He always used to address me “arre chary” and was a hard working student.

Along with Sam he prepared for ECFMG exams which he cleared in first attempt.

He went to the States and became a Radiologist. I learned from my students of Radiology that he was considered one of the authorities in MRI reading and reporting.

In 1995, I was invited by AAPPI to present my programme during their meet in Chicago. I met many of our classmates including Sridhar.

He was sitting in the front row on the boat when I was performing my act and he was laughing which was uncontrollable.

He took me to his house where I met his wife and other family members.

He presented a green coloured telephone which glows with lights when the call comes. It was functioning till recently.

I had a wonderful time spending with him. He showed his condominium, his place of practice and seemed to me a fully established, happy and contended person.

He helped all his family members to come and settle in States.

He used to call me every time when he was in Hyderabad. After the meet I used to drop him at his brother’s place.

I was there for his son’s marriage.

I was the only classmate to be present for his daughter’s wedding at Alankrita.

He was so happy and promised to meet us all after the marriage formalities.

One day he called me from States and asked me to procure certain documents from college as he was planning to shift to Florida to settle down.

I procured it sent it to him. He subsequently dropped the idea.

He came to India, for the last time.

Myself, Shankar, and PV Rao met him in Marriott hotel.

We were chatting almost up to midnight. He was telling us about his plans for retirement and about his granddaughter’s and certain personal experiences.

I dropped him at his relatives place and reached home.

That was the last meeting with Sreedhar.

One day I recieved a mail from Seshadri informing about Sreedhar’s death due to a gruesome accident.

I was shocked and devastated.

His laughing face was hovering in front of my eyes.

He didn’t deserve that type of death. Fate was really cruel to him.

He always used to narrate a beautiful experience with our classmate Laxmiah.

He was visiting Laxmaiah on a weekend and he was delayed reaching Laxmiah’s place. It was the time he reached.

Hesitantly he knocked the door and Lo! he saw surprised him!  Laxmaiah was sitting in the hall waiting for his arrival.

When Sridhar apologised and asked him why he was waiting sitting in the hall instead of sleeping, I believe Laxmaiah smiled and said “waiting for the friend is a pleasure and I don’t mind doing it as many times as possible”. Sreedhar was floored by the response and the love and affection.

The quality of a true friend.

Sridhar, my friend I miss you. I miss your laugh. I miss your golden heart.

Let the almighty give all the strength to bereaved family members.

May his soul rest in peace.

Shradhanjali by Dr Maya

It was a shocking news to hear from Sambiah, regarding Sridhar’s death in a fatal car accident on the highway in 2013.

I remember him as always in a humorous mood. For all of us who were in New York in 2011 attending Eshwardutt’s daughter Nimmi’s wedding , will not forget when we all sat in the hotel lounge after the Sangeet party until being entertained by Sridhar with his lively jokes which he was happy to continue all night but had to stop as we were all sleepy & had to be ready next day for the Indian & Jewish wedding.

Subsequently there was a plan to go for Baltic cruise in a group including Sridhar but unfortunately God took him away before that.

May his soul REST in PEACE.

Shradhanjali by Dr P V Rao


I was in my clinic at Dilsuknagar busy seeing my patients.

The clinic boy came and told that one of my classmate is waiting for an hour and he wants to see me after i complete seeing my patients.

I just finished seeing my patients and went out to waiting room and to my surprise
the person was Dr.Sridhar with a cigar in his hand.

He took me to his house in Revenue board colony. There I saw his mother whom I think had conjunctivitis. Then we talked about college days and I left his house.

Next time me ,chary and Shankar and Sridhar met in Viceroy hotel .

After that we saw on the news of his accident on TV and confirmed by Dr.Chary few days later.

I felt I lost a good friend and USA a very good Radiologist.