Shradhanjali by Dr P V Rao

When Mohan left I started writing about S.Prabhakar (see my shradhanjali about Mohan Deshpande)
Prabhakar was tall ,lean fellow ,from a poor family. His father used to sell cement.
Prabhakar used to practice at Balapur and my clinic was at Chandrayan Gutta a near by area.

He was very famous in Balapur.

He suffered with Leukaemia and died at a very early age .
I lost contact with him from 1983 onwards.

Recently I visited his ancestral house where nobody reside there now.

When I remembered our good old days when we used to walk from Shalibanda to Charminar together to board a bus to medical college.

Tears flowed from my eyes.

Shradhanjali by Dr Yadagiri Chary

He was also an old city gang member. He was close to P.V and Deshpande.

He belonged to khatri family and came from a poor family background.
I used to have a good interaction with him as I used to meet him in marriage functions of his community as my old house was surrounded by khatris or patkarollu.
We missed him in first year. After graduation he was practicing at Balapur.
I was told he died due to leukaemia.
May his soul rest in peace.