Shradhanjali by Dr Yadagiri Chary

Another charismatic friend of ours was Rama Rao.

“Meesala Rama Rao” – popular for his moustache.
He was physically well built and elegantly dressed. He was like a cadet from military. I had a pleasant relationship with him.
We missed him in third year.
He was the first to start a nursing home at malakpet (Satya hospital), very close to the  present Yashoda Hospital.
I took one of my patient with renal calculus to be operated by late Ranganadha Rao, urologist to his hospital.
I used to meet him on and off in some functions.
I had not met him for a long time and a couple of months ago I came to know that he is no more from some of my friends.
His nursing home I believe is functioning as a house for the aged.
May his soul rest in peace.