There was a typical Telangana” Patel saab” as one of our faculty and that too in surgical speciality.

I hope you have all guessed it right. He was none other than our own Dr.Ram Reddy.
He was the Chief of second surgical unit. He was trained in England.

I had my second surgical posting with him.
My first impression of him was of a person down to earth with no air attached, exactly opposite of Dr.Pai.
His clinics used to be simple and to the point.

His communication to the patients in their own language and style was worth emulating.
His discussion of “filarial scrotum” with the patient and with the students remained as a hilarious item of mimicry by me.
His post operative instructions following hernia surgery and his colloquial way of explaining of ano-rectal problems also form a part of my mimicry.
An interesting episode was, a patient visited Dr.Reddy’s house for consultation.
Dr. Reddy was busy milking the buffalo in his front yard.milking
The patient’s relative thought him to be a servant and asked him whether Dr.Reddy was there in the house.
He pointed him to go and sit in the room.
After finishing his job, Dr Reddy went inside and presented himself to the utter surprise of his patient!!!

That was Ram Reddy sir!

We miss such type of simple souls.
May his soul rest in peace