Shradhanjali by Dr A Yadagiri Chary

Today I want to share some of my thoughts about our departed friend Ram Manohar Reddy.

I used to call him ” RamManoharReddyca longa” because of his height and as “express” as he is to walkdown to the college everyday throughout his medical school career.

I don’t have any memories about him during our first year, but he became a close associate during second year.
His knowledge about biochemistry was phenomenal.

He was an introvert and always needed somebody like me to prod him.

His imitation of Dr.Ranganadha Rao our Biochemistry Professor and of Anjaneyulu our Non Clinical Biochemistry assistant was out of the world.

I was a big fan of him.

During pathology lectures, his imitation of Dr.Vittal and him calling Seshu a ” big trunk “during one of the classes, was the real highlight.

Sometimes we used to go to Kamath Hotel and he used to describe  ” Autopsy of Dosa” –  a marvellous piece of imagination.

I even brought him in front of faculty and classmates on our farewell day to present his programme which he did exceptionally well.

He was a good student but used to get less marks than expected, which was due to his handwriting, which was so small that it was extremely difficult to decipher –  may be reflecting his complex nature!

He was always under some pressure.

He used to walk to college and other nearby hospitals and I never saw him travelling by bus.

After passing medicine, he passed his ECFMG, and went to the States.

Later on I came to know that he had some difficulties adjusting there.

One day I accidentally met him near GPO. He was narrating some of his experiences of his work in USA.

He was the same old Reddy. He also told me that he was shortly going to get married for which I congratulated him and that was the last time I saw him.

After few months, I read in the papers that a doctor committed suicide just couple hours before marriage in Chitoor and It was confirmed later that the person was RamManohar Reddy.
I periodically recollect his imitations of Ranganadha Rao, Anjaneyulu and Vittal.

His “Autopsy of Dosa” is my favorite.

He was the first classmate to leave us for the heavenly walk.

May his soul rest in peace.

Shradhanjali by Dr Purushotam Rao

Dr.Ram Manohar Reddy was full of knowledge.

Name any thing, he was ready with clear scientific narration.

He always carried a huge bag as a good school boy !

After a long walk with his bulky bag, we used to see him taking deep breaths.

I remember his wisdom about herbal plants like Tulasi & beetle leaves etc  and their medicinal values.

Hats off to our beloved Ram Mohan Reddy!

Shradhanjali by Gururaj Reddy

What can I say? Brilliant Biochemist who taught me, painstakingly, Saponification stage in making a Soap , of all things!

Highly strung as he was, extremely principled bordering on Saintliness
Bharathi is right. He was very shy of girls, indeed!

Good and a noble soul he was!🙏

Shradhanjali by Krishna Mohan

Ram Mohan Reddy a very shy boy, a good student opened up to me when as a house surgeon with that he had trouble canulating as he always double punctured.

I helped him to steady his hand and built his confidence to set up I V.  After that he talked of marriage and my views of him marring one of Reddy girls in class.

Shradhanjali by Kumuda

He made the most unexpected transition which was shocking indeed.
He is continuing  his evolution with better and favourable circumstances — as he was a good and harmless person.

I remember his intelligence and sense of humour.

He once told me that he never felt comfortable with girls. And he gave a rare complement that he respects me.

He would joke freely when we encountered. I always had good and quick sense of humour which remained with me.

But our student lives were busy and did not allow so much personal analysis.

Just something karmic – the whole thing.

Parents should just be kind and loving. There is enough pressure as it is for all children.

We just have to make sure — we do not create victims among our loved ones.

Shradhanjali by Sudhaker Reddy

Very nice & simple boy with no airs about him.

We used to have a hearty laugh at his imitation of Biochemistry Anjaneyulu and the Pathology Professor’s “big trunk” joke.

Unfortunately for us, he left for God’s abode so early.

Will anyone post the photo of Rammohan Reddy?