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Shradhanjali by Yadagiri Chary

Today I want to remember and pay my tributes to my beloved friend who departed prematurely.
He is none other than our Mohan Deshpande.
I used to call him “Thaile” because of his physique and churby nature.
He belongs to the old city gang along with PV,Girish,late Prabhakar.
They all used to come from Charminar area.
I don’t have much remembrances of him of our first year but we became close in the second year.
Myself, Ravinder Reddy, George, PV, Jan bidde we all became close more so during our clinical postings.
His house was at Gaulipura and he belonged to the Maharashtrian community.
Two of his elder brothers were doctors, one of them was a great Manna Dey fan and his” Phul gend wa” song was popular in the Medical college.
Almost every Sunday or alternate Sunday I used to cycle all the way from my house at Dhoolpet to his house and the moment I shouted “ Mohan”, he would respond Oh! and used to come down from his room and take me to his room on the first floor.
His house was an ancestral old house with joint family.
All the family members were known to me.
His mother used to prepare Roti’s for lunch.
He was a good and hard working student and performed well during medical school.
He joined MD paediatrics and finished it.
He had a good practice.
He had a good business sense and was into shares and was pretty successful.
One day PV informed me that Mohan is not well and was suffering from liver related problem.
He shifted his house from old city to Abids.
When I visited him, he was bed ridden, and the whole body was swollen.
I couldn’t believe what I saw.
He held my arms and looking into my eyes asked ” are chary mai acha hojaongana”
I didn’t know what to answer.
I reassured him and came out of the room and couldn’t control myself. Tears were rolling down.
One day I received the information that Mohan passed away.
I went to his house.
His body was placed in ice chamber.
The ever smiling, chubby my “Thaila” was lying dead in that.
I wept inconsolably.
I lost a wonderful friend.
I hear from PV that his children are well settled and his wife saw all children got married and settled.
Life was unkind to Mohan in snatching him at a fruitful age.
May his soul rest in peace.

 Shradhanjali by Zahera Shabbir

I remember Mohan Deshpande.

Sorry to hear he is not with us he will be missed.

May his soul rest in peace.

I will always remember him as a gentle quite soul and friend.

Shradhanjali by Dr P V Rao

I sat before a table and decided to write a small note on departed souls
I took scribbling pad and about to write Dr .Mohan Deshpande came in.

It was an utter surprise to me!

He said – “अरे वेंकटेश्वर बोर हो रहा है। चल बाहर जायेंगे  (Arre Venkateshwar bore horahai hai. Chal bahar jayenge)

I said – “किधर?  (Kidhar- where)

He said – चल चारी के पास जाएंगे. बहुत दिन हो गए! (Chal Chary ke pass jayenge Bahuth  din hogaye)

He brought his Vijay Pushpak scooter..

He took me to Chary’s house.

We went from the side door on the back where Chary’s room used to be, which hardly accommodated a table and a bed .

As we are chatting about our good olden days, Chary’s sister-in- law sent some mirchi bhajji.

We ate them and after an hour or so – Mohan said  “अरे घर में बैठ के क्या करेगा , चल आगरा में कलाकंद खाएंगे! “(are garme bite ke kya karega chal Agra me Kalakand kayinge)”.

We went to  Agra sweet house at Char Karan and had Mohan’s favourite Azmeeri Kalakand and  Agra ke lassi.

Then we discussed about class fellows, then dropped Chary at his residence and left for  our house.

I thought it was a dream , but I was at the table and Mohan was sitting by my side physically!!