He was short, well built, and athletic with a typical “British accent”.

I am aiming at another charismatic, friendly and fun loving professor of surgery – Dr.Krishna Murty.

He was trained in UK and was fondly called by his colleagues as” kaala angrez!!” because of his strong British accent. His theory lectures always used to include a part of basic sciences of that particular topic. I have the fond memory of his class on “hands” and the way he explained the functional anatomy of hand.

He was quiet sportive in the class when somebody made noise and once he even challenged one student for a bout of boxing!

His enquiring of the patients complaints in true translation from English to Telugu was really funny.

I also worked under him as a house surgeon and the way he used to treat the patients was worth following.

We went to a Ward picnic to Kidwai cottage and Pushpalata our classmate was also there

When I was doing post graduation, one day I went to a movie with my wife. There I met Dr.Krishnamurty with his wife. He didn’t allow us to purchase the tickets and was taking care of us throughout the movie.

Post retirement he worked as a surgeon in Durgabai Deshmukh hospital.
I used to meet him often in surgical meets.

He lost one of his sons in an accident in states. Viraj his other son is working in the UK and an active member of Osmania alumni. I was invited for their annual meet as Chief guest in 2008.

Dr.Krishnamurty passed away about four years ago.
I miss this fun loving, ever helping fatherly figure!

May his soul rest in peace.