Today let us all think about another departed friend – Jagannatha Rao.
I used to call him “Jagan”.
He was one of our calm, low profile yet efficient class fellow who in later years showed his excellent administrative capabilities.
When I was looking at the admission register of our batch, his name was in the first ten . He joined after PUC and was a hard working student.
He was one of the classmates who was married before joining the medical college.
He used stay in Reddy hostel and Narayan Reddy, Vidya Sagar, Laxmaiah were his close associates. As usual I used to visit him in Reddy hostel.
After house surgeonship, I lost touch with him.
After my post-graduation, I got my first posting as a medical officer and was posted to a primary health centre – Gudipally, which was about 150km.from Hyderabad on the way to Nagarjun Sagar.
I was initially hesitant to join the post as I was already a post graduate in surgery and to work in a primary health centre, I was not prepared.
On the advice of my doctor brother, I decided to join the post and one day I took the bus and reached Gudipally.
The village was about 3km from the road which I walked and reached the centre.
Lo! a big surprise was waiting for me! Jagan was the medical officer working in that place for the past 3-4 years and I was the second medical officer posted there.
I felt so happy and relieved to see Jagan there.
He took me to his quarters and I met his wife, son and daughter. They were 4 and 2 years old.
He welcomed me and introduced to all his staff and showed my quarters.
He made it a point that I would be his guest and arranged for my food at his place for the period that I was going to stay.
That was so kind of him. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to manage.
He showed me the sub centres and taught me how to run the centre.
He took me to his ancestral house which was nearby.
I worked there for about four months and subsequently got transferred to OGH.
I had a wonderful time with him at Gudipally.
Later I came to know that he joined diploma in On&By and after the course was working in Sangareddy.
Subsequently he got posted as RMO at Chest hospital where Venu was the superintendent.
During his tenure, he helped in developing and improving Chest hospital and made a good name.
His son joined medicine and later on became a surgeon and got married to one of my close doctor friend’s daughter.
His daughter was also married and well settled.
I visited couple of times his house at Vengal Rao Nagar , met the family members, recollected Gudipally days and felt happy.
He retired from service and was leading a peaceful life.
One day I heard the news that Jagannath Rao passed away. I believe he went to his morning walk and during the walk he developed chest pain and as he came back home , he collapsed.
By the time the news came, it was already mid day.
I tried to reach his home to have the last glimpse of him.
As I was taking the turn to his residence, his mortal body was already in procession and leaving the place.
I stood there, folded my hands, bowed my head and offered my silent prayers.
” A friend in need is a friend indeed” that was Jagannath Rao.
May his soul rest in peace.

jagannath1(Madan, PV)

Jagan with Madan Mohan and P.V

Shradhanjali by Dr P V Rao

Dr.Jagannath Rao was a very close friend of mine.

When I took over as superintendent of SDE Hospital, I took advise to join or reject it from two people one was Chary and other was Jagannath ; both of whom had administrative experience. Both helped me time to time whenever I faced some administrative problem.

When Ananth came,  we met in Secunderabad club,

On the way back I dropped Jaganath Rao ,I found him very pale and weak. I asked him what was the problem – “He said age problem and laughed”.
Next time we met during his cataract surgery.
I lost the chance to see him as I was in USA when Jaganath left the world.
He was a successful practitioner and approachable to poor and very famous in Vengalrao nagar area.