Personal Details Dr.G.Purushotham Rao


Mob: 9849134928


Address: 8-3-833/161 Kamalapuri colony,

Srinagar colony Main Road,

Hyderabad, TS – 500073.

Postgraduate training and jobs After graduation in Osmania Medical College, underwent PG training in Sarojini Devi Eye hospital Hyderabad.

Worked as an Epidemiologist in WHO small pox eradication program, in Bihar and led a group of 50 young doctors from OMC and GMC.

Was awarded as the best epidemiologist for wiping out lost pockets of small pox, from this part of the globe.

Worked as a chief medical officer in the ministry of health, Iran for 11 years, and received many accolades.

Did DOMS in Gulbarga Medical College.

Present Post Presently in private practice and conducting regular and rural medical camps for treatment and rehabilitation of Fluorosis affected patients in Nalgonda district.
Affiliations Held various positions in Indian Medical Association, Hyderabad City branch and continues to actively participate in various events of IMA.
Family Wife: Vaarija, worked in Geetanjali Public School Hyderabad and is a practicing Beautician.

First Son: Naveen, Senior software professional in Pennsylvania, USA.

First daughter in law: Suneeta, Software professional in Pennsylvania, USA.

Grandson: Samardh, 4 years.

Grand daughter: Sonika, 4 months.

Second Son: Dr.Vinay, Hospitalist in Jacksonville, FL, USA.

Second daughter in law: Shree Lakshmi, Architect USA.

Grandson: Vihaan, 2 years.

Daughter: Aishwarya, Senior Analyst in PwC, Bangalore.


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