Memories are timeless Treasures of the heart. Time moves in one direction and memories in another direction.

We don’t remember dates, but we remember memories. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

My name was 3rd in the medical admission list. That year all basic numbers were allotted to Gandhi and even numbers to Osmania. Thus, my first admission was in Gandhi medical college. However later we got transferred to Osmania within a month. So we are lucky to be associated with a dynamic lovely batch which cares each and everybody with love and affection.

A college student is optimistic, free as a bird, full of “wine of life”- and that pretty much described me as a student. First I recall our college building which was large and imposing. I have vivid memories of countless hours spent in front lawn before office which was accessible to the canteen. Discussing the subject – those were days we used fear to crack  jokes. Dr Naik the then Principal was a “terror”. The classrooms were similar, huge seating about 100 students in ascending height, all coming from various parts of Andhra Pradesh.
I will never forget our library, which was flooded during examination time. We had to book in advance for obtaining a book.

We were forewarned about “ragging”.
The tallest girl of our class was asked to kiss shorted boy from our class.
Some boys with burkha sat in girls bench and made noise.
One thing I must emphasize here that although we were ragged, it was more of an entertainment!!
Looking back, it was hilarious, as we were made to do comical things.

In the “First year” we went on educational tour to botanical gardens. It was the first step.
There was a feeling that English medium students were trying to dominate Telugu medium students and students from districts who used to stay in hostels were victims of ragging.
We had just 5 months for first year as admissions were delayed due to reservation issue.
First year ended on a happy note.
Second MBBS was of one and half years duration and people called it a grave yard.
As the name suggests out of 150 students only 69 passed out.
We had struggled very hard as having good Anatomy knowledge could make you a good surgeon and good knowledge of physiology can make a good physician.
The highlight of 2nd MBBS was Nagarjuna sagar tour.
The night spent in Vijaya vihar garden was memorable. I still remember some naughty boys painted moustaches on tender lips of fair sex.
The rolling box game ,where you have to mimic whatever is written in the paper you draw from the box.
Some girls got to kiss a boy sitting next to her, or to pick up panties from girls room, a very embarrassing situation. Some had to sing, and some had to dance whilst some had to mimic a monkey.
Tour ended with joy. It was an oasis in a desert.
The examination was tough.
Some were asked to trace the stage of metabolism of DOSA or IDLI they had to eat. Some were asked to trace the pathway by touching their hand. Someone was asked to tell about areas corresponding to their hall ticket numbers.
Some did answer the question, some before they understood the question and as a result were sent out- it was the most barbaric way of failing.
Then came the Telangana agitation for which we lost 9 precious months.
3rd MBBS was of 1 yr duration.
Honey moon or golden period of MBBS.
Clinical postings were given .Small groups of boys and girls. So period to come together began which led to interaction with each other, which sowed the seeds for future.
Bedside teaching and interaction with patients left some memorable impressions on young impressionable minds.
For sputum calling “Tamata vasthadi” by our Kashmiri friends to open the tongue – “eluka chupu”  leading to embarrassment.

Dr Hussain’s classes in which girls were asked to present a case of hydrocele and boys to present breast lump cases. In the early days we felt embarrassed, but later we developed doctor patient relation..
Dr.Laxmaiahs innocent question “why foreskin is retracted back in some and not in others” .Sreeramachandar murthy’s Playboy jokes in SPM postings. Madan’s memory in pharmacology, Charys surgical songs, some friends love, everything was budding in this period.
The song in George s birthday party(radha ne mala japi tere namki).

Bharathi’s birthday celebration on top floor in Himyath nagar house served with Mirchi bajji and ice cream . Get together at Ravi’s house, the care of Kannan reddy, Delicious DOSA and IDLI in Krishna Mohan’s house at khairthabad on return from Deverkonda where Laxmaiahs marriage took place ,a stop at gollapally and friends who had white liquor lost control and how they shouted – terrific time to enjoy.
Azamgad and Nizams sagar picnic – How people formed groups and enjoyed in isolation.
Ajantha Ellora tour, the trouble we had with food, Shekar’s Hyderabad local jokes, Ravikumars teasing, Koteshwar rao’s paintings, Ramulu , purusotham raos hostel management.,Sarita Asthana’s exam tension, Rammanohar reddy’s mimicry and Rajareddy’s jokes.
When Babar was cornered and asked by Dr Wig for his absence on duty days, he wanted to compensate by paying hundred rupees, and had said my practice is 500 per day.
Dr Ramachandran  insisting on shoes. When he said casually “if you can’t afford I will pay it” – immediate response by extending hand.
Dr.Hussains gestures,
Our 3rd MBBS ended with an happy note
Most of the time on parties and bed side jokes and good teacher students relationship.
We entered into final MBBS. Every body became serious, attendance in library increased. We started concentrating more on studies than college. Hidden talents surfaced., Nayeem, and Kiran surfaced on top. With hope and confidence we left the college.

Today I am proud to say how our buddies have earned name and fame in their respective fields.
It is a record that same batch students are holding management posts in major teaching hospitals and HODs in major clinical subjects at a time.

Our friends abroad have also excelled in academics. Many are masters in their own speciality.

Wherever you are, whatever position you are holding I wish good health and long life.
Let us enjoy our friendship as usual going back to our teenage years.

Sweet memories last long
Yours Friend
Pulijala Venksteshwar rao