Dear Friends,

I would like to share few incidents that happened in our 2nd year medicine and these have troubled me for many years.

I was naive & mischievous to make phone calls to couple of boys in our class just to have fun not realising the consequences.

I chose these two classmates for no specific reason. I could find their telephone numbers from the phone book since I knew their father’s names.

The first incident occurred with a boy who was campaigning for a candidate for the college president position. When he handed me a flier, i said something in Telugu. He looked a bit shocked and disinterested. I thought I will make an anonymous phone call and speak to him in Hindi and English to see his reaction since he was not impressed when I spoke in Telugu. I could not believe how pleasant and excited he was when I spoke in Hindi & English.

I still remember some of the conversation. I said “I notice that you use your both hands to play sports and write, you probably have a centre in “corpus callosum”. He laughed. Then I said “guess who it is?” He then replied………….? In my mind I never thought I would sound like the” girl” he mentioned and laugh like her. I was surprised because I never spoke Hindi before I moved to Hyderabad to join medicine. Then I said “you are wrong, I am not her” and did not reveal my identity.

After that, a couple of phone calls were made from my friend’s places, every time I said I am not “her”. I was with my friends when I made these calls.

I noticed the boys looking at “her” in anatomy dissection hall. I assumed he must have told his friends. I had no intention of using “her” name neither I wanted him to know it’s me. I couldn’t tell her knowing she would go and tell the boys. I never wanted him to know who I was.

I felt bad because I never wanted to use any girl’s name. I shared my feelings with a common friend in the hostel.

Few days later, I noticed the change in “her” attitude and she and her friends being friendly with the boy and his friends. I understood that she found out about it. I wish she had asked me for clarification, if it is true or not. But she chose not to. The girl got the sympathy and the boy was a hero and I was the bad one. The girl in the class never gave the chance to clarify and I never felt I should go and explain to her as if I was guilty. She would have never known that it is me if I had not told the common friend.

I hope that both the classmates and their friends would read this and look back and laugh about college day memories. Perhaps appreciate gaining friendship?

Second boy: I made phone calls to another classmate to meet us on the tank bund. Indeed the boys went but not the girls. He never guessed and to date, he does not know who made the anonymous phone calls. Next day, he checked with few girls who all denied and pretended as if they knew nothing about the phone calls.

Hope you all appreciate my honesty and win all your hearts.

Cheers. Bharathi Oz