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Balachandar Aysola’s poetry 

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Chary & Gururaj’s trip to Belum Caves

(Photos by Chary & Guru, Article by Chary)

Yesterday, myself and Guru planned a day trip to Belum caves.
Prabodh got dropped due to his fever, but we really missed him. P.V is busy with his function.
Started at 7am from Guru’s place and it was a 350km drive all the way.
Had a pleasant break at Kurnool, enjoyed Set Dosas, Puri and hot coffee as breakfast at Kurnool.
The last 130 km journey was scenic with rock formations and ghat roads. It was little bumpy.
On the way, to our surprise we saw a huge water reservoir at Auvur amongst the surrounding hills. We were told that it was from Srisailam dam.
We had a short photo session.
Belum is a small non descript village and the caves complex is well-organized and preserved.
We took the help of a guide and he told us that, these caves are second longest ones in India, next to only to the ones in Meghalaya.
We went down and  were awe stuck looking at the caves and its formation.
We were told that an ancient river Chitravathi while flowing underneath caused these pre historically.
He took us to the depth of 120ft and showed the patalganga.
While returning, he made us practically to crawl to pass under a 20meter long cave and called it adventourous and we both passed the test.😃
It is hot inside the caves and at places, air blowers are provided. Not to venture during summer.
The site of young students from various schools, visitors from neighbouring places, made the place really vibrating.
Exhausted and thirsty, Guru had a Pepsi and me an ice cream.
At the entrance, there is a huge Budha statue made of plaster. Had a couple of photos and started return journey.
With Guru’s constant verbal bangings to drivers and commenting on their mistakes on the roads, and their drivings,
 was a real entertainment and learning.
Finally we landed in a Panjabi Dhaba to have a chat pat dinner with Rotis.
Dropped Guru at Aashirwad and reached back by 11.30, with sweet memories of the journey eventhough little tired.
One thing is sure. There are so many wonderful and beautiful places in and around us
We should plan for frequent short trips to cover them and enjoy.
Mera Bharath Mahan😀

Mini Gathering in Trafford Centre, Manchester UK

Bharathi meeting Sujata in Phoenix and celebrating her birthday in Lubbock

Meeting friends Zehra and Venkatesh at Ohri’s Banjara Hills

Some Enjoying Retirement to the MOST

Bharathi and colleagues celebrating in Sidney


Kumuda, Janardhan, Vijaylaxmi (Vijji) and Dr.Sharma meeting in Hrishikesh

jana1 jana2

Dr Raja Reddy Dharmapuri and his family


Colleagues in Madan Mohan’s daughter’s wedding

Madan Mohan's daughters wedding

M Bharathi giving a dance recital (Australia)

bharathi1 bharathi2


Dr Asma (Asma Hamid)


Colleagues in the USA

abdul kalam

Late President Abdul Kalam with A Y Chary


Can you identify Jogi Reddy, Laxmaiah, Surender Reddy, Narayan Reddy, Venkat Rao, Sathiah, Balchander and Dhanraj?

Girish felicitated with Dronacharya Award (Interventional Nephrology, New Delhi 2016)

Dr.Girish Narayan felicitated with Dronacharya Award (Interventional Nephrology, New Delhi 2016)

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