That was December 1966.
Classes had just started. I joined the class after going round Guntur and Kurnool Medical college as some students who got admission to OMC were shunted out on a reciprocal exchange basis, for no mistake of theirs based on some partisan rule.

I was really disturbed and a sub conscious fear was gripping about any further transfers.

Just then they have announced elections for class representative. I immaturely thought if I get elected, I may not be transferred again from the college. I decided to contest

My opponents were strong and one of them was Isaac Arastu. He was from St.George’s Grammar school, a prestigious English medium school. I was from a government school with Telugu as medium.


The topic was announced ” why you wanted to be a doctor”.

I knew my limitations.

Even though I was a good speaker in school, I never gave a speech in English. I was little worried.

I prepared a script and practiced standing in front of a mirror. Gradually I gained confidence. Did some canvassing, and hoped for the day.

The D Day arrived. All the batches gathered in Lecture Hall B

One by one we were called. On my turn, I walked confidently and presented my speech. I thought the presentation was satisfactory.

Then Isaac and in his inimical style presented his speech.

Voting took place and the counting started. My heart was pounding.

I couldn’t believe my ears as my name was announced as the winner.

Isaac came and congratulated.

Election for representative took place next and Abha was elected.

Thus myself and Abha became the first representatives of the class.

Yesterday Isaac Arastu was recollecting the episode.

We both laughed heartily!!

– Yadagiri Chary


Isaac Arastu with Chary