Three guys got seat in medicine,that too in Osmania Medical College. They were close friends. One day they decided to go to Thirupathy to visit  Lord venkateshwara to pay their respects and offer prayers. tirupati

Booked the rail tickets and started their journey.

-Throughout the journey the discussions were about the class girls, their looks, walks and talks(but natural). -Reached thirumala, had darshan, lunch and came back to the cottage.

-Once again the topic of discussion got shifted on to the class girls.

-They were sitting on the stairs  in front of the  cottage.

-Suddenly the adjacent cottage door gets opened  and a lean, bubbling girl emerges and corners the three guys and said ” so this is what you are doing sitting and talking about your class girls,  how  dare’.

-All the three were surprised to see that girl who was their classmate.

-She called her father who came out smiling and she introduced all the  three to her father and sat along with them and started laughing.

-Can you guess who were they?

-The boys were Guru, Venu and Chary. And the naughty, bubbling, smiling girl was  hema. That mulakhat remained in my psyche for ever- the ever smiling, bubbling, utterly friendly Hema. 

Yadagiri Chary