I usually make friends easily, so I have a lot of friends – schoolmates, neighbors, relatives. I can’t imagine my life without them. But there is one, who will always be in the first place in my heart.

As a children we used to listen a radio program for children called Balanandam every sunday. It was very interesting and only entertainment and educational program on radio.

Every week some new children used to participate. But one child almost present in every program with new songs ,new stories and creative ideas at that tender age. Subconsciously I become a fan to his voice and intellect. It is some where between1956 to 1962.

Later we were busy in school activities and there was a gap, as we have to concentrate on studies.

In 1965 , I was at city science college. Even though it is a college ,traditional prayer used to be recited daily at 9 am sharp.

Only one voice, same student used to sing from central hall near to principle room.I felt some where I heard this voice and trying to recollect.

One day the prayer was delayed , when I asked why?. They say chary didn’t come today.,I just came from class room to veranda in front I saw a boy running towards central hall and prayer started. I followed him and after he finished his prayer I asked him Are you Same Yadagiri chary Who used to sing in Balanandam program ,he emphatically said YES. Thus I become fan to his voice first and then we become friends.

He was best out going student from multipurpose side and me and Dr.Sashidhar reddy from PUC side.

Later I met him Osmania medical college. There used to be groups in first year.Naturally students from same College used to move together.

An expanded groups are from same district.

Because of sudden change in medium of language, from Telugu to English, I was unable to coup up with them and used to be reserved .Chary used to move with all group students and entertain them.

Me Dr.Deshpande and chary used to meet very often .Chary became our family friend.My father used to like him most.

When We were in final year one day I pick up Chary’s pocket notebook and going through notes I saw poems and songs written in appreciation of one girl repeatedly. That was the first time Chary revealed about his love with Madhu.

Later One day he suddenly came to our house with Madhu ..We were very happy to receive them . As per Hindu tradition my sister in law put thilak on fore head and invited Madhu.

My father expressed a doubt,.He is a Brahmin she is Christian , he is Doctor ,she is a nurse, He is smart and fair, she is with dark complexion

Will this love sustain. My father was a person with fore vision and liberal mind.He gave full freedom to us. I told him as per as I know chary’s nature the love will sustain long and result in marriage. About two yrs after that I was a witness signing their marriage register at Sathyanarayana swampy temple Kakinada..

There was a long gap of post graduation studies. I joined Ophthalmology at SDEye hospital Chary ,Surgery at Osmania. We rarely met because of busy in concentrating on our specialization.

We met at APPSC office ,we were attending an interview for job in 1976,.we faced same group of members Chary went first and next was mine. Facing an interview after members interviewing a brilliant personality is difficult .Their expectations will be high.

Due to Gods grace Chary ranked 12 th ,Girish at 67 and me at 99.

When we joined the service ,It looked very funny ,majority of tutors who taught us become our juniors as per APPSC.

In the year 1979 ending if I exactly recall, we were in Gandhi hospital .Chary in Surgical unit and me in family planning unit.

Chary came suddenly at 11o clock and said , Iranian delegation is there in Delhi let us also try our luck.I expressed my doubt already ten days over only three days left ,even if we start today we reach on last day ,is it worth taking risk.He insisted on taking risk.

In the evening we were in Delhi express in general compartment sleeping in place between two toilets in a jam packed bhogi.

We reached Delhi on last day of interview. Long queue, about a kilometer length ,many of our asst, professors and tutors and civil surgeons were already in queue since last 72 hrs.Very disappointing. It is impossible to get our number if we stand in queue.

Chary thought a while and we went to the front gate. One person was calling in batches!,chary approached him and asked where is line for specialists. That fellow said, are you specialist? YES.Then he shouted all specialists separate line .

We were in front all others are behind us now. We walked out with appointment orders and with due respect to our teachers , they returned disappointed as jobs are already filled up before they enter in.

We went to Iran together on 23 rd May 1980.we were given postings in two different places. No communication for 4 yrs.

I came and joined in service in 1983 May responding to call given by the Then C.M NT Ramarao.Chary stayed back two more yrs in Iran.

That is an important period ,which changed our destiny.we build a house of our own and become financially sound.

I was posted to SDEye Hospital ,Chary joined at dept of urology at Osmania later transferred to Gandhi.

He had a very turbulent phase in his life ,professionally it was the time he was at his peak, same time he had severe health problems

In family .His wife was bed ridden with diabetic complications and daughter had some ortho problem. Any person in that place might have broken down .It was only possible to Chary .He was complete doctor he never allowed family problems to take over during hospital time and never took hospital problems to home.In hospital same charming ,joking ,singing doctor dear to students and colleagues.

At home he was a responsible ,care taking husband and father.

He proved to be a good administrator and teacher a rare combination. We use to meet in meetings at secretariat we were called for meetings whenever Govt wants expert opinion on policy matters. Dr.Chary’s advice always carried a wait..

In last Nov when first we met in our apartment we thought to have a reunion of all our classmates.with in a week Dr.Ramulu came from USA we had another meeting and visited resorts and finalized and date .Date was fixed after considering many factors.later we had a discussion with Chakradhar and Maya when they visited .We had an idea of getting as many friends as possible.It is due to Dr.Chary’s efforts we can make 66 friends to attend reunion. A record gathering after 50 years. A good organizer indeed.

Every body will have only one best friend – In case of chary he was best friend to all, and all are his best friends.

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never ever the same”

But our friend Dr.Chary is a living legend, helping all, uniting all. When ever some friend visit India ,he took initiative and arrange all friends to meet..

I personally lucky to have such a friend in my life and wish to be associated with such a friend in lives to come

P V Rao