August 2017 Birthday Celebrations

Meeting Easwar Dutt

New Zealand Cruise Maya and Kiran

Gururaj Reddy’s Farm

We went to Guru’s place for a house party. No one expected a crowd of twenty people to attend this party 30 Km from the city. Everyone enjoyed the company and hospitality of the hosts in open air surroundings. We also planted a sapling in his front yard as a mark of friendship.. I felt the bond of friendship has increased rather than diminished over the time. Long live OSMECO66GOLD.

Dr. Venkateshwar Rao

Reunion 2017 Australia 

Dr. M Bharathi felicitated by Home minister Nayini Narasimha reddy in Sydney on the occasion of Osmania centenary celebrations

Rajender Reddy Felicitated by OSMECO66GOLD Colleagues in Palace Heights, Hyderabad

Reunion in Sydney December 2017

New Year Reunion 2017