That was 1967. Anatomy and Physiology classes just started. Dr.Hanmanth Rao and Dr. Simhadri were the two professors for the respective subjects. Subjects were new and tough too.

Grey’s was the book for anatomy   phys3 and 5th edition of Best & Taylor for Physiology phys2were the books recommended for study.

Samson Wright’s Physiology phys1was another popular book. The library was having old edition books.

One boy was impressed with Samson Wright’s book and purchased the new edition which was the only book amongst the classmates. He was residing in the old city Osmangunj area.

A classmate of him, who also used to reside in the old city happened to see that new edition book. He was impressed and wanted to borrow the book for few days, which his friend readily agreed. He was so happy to have the book, went home, placed the book on his study table. Read the chapter on muscle and slept for the night.

Next day morning when he got up he had shock of his life. The ink bottle which was kept on the table got spilled on to the new book and totally smeared some pages of the book. ink

How the ink bottle spilled, he was not aware. He was scared about the status of the book and the possible reaction from his friend.

He did not have any money to purchase and replace with a new book. He bought ink remover and tried to erase the marks but was not successful.

With guilt written on the face guilt, he reached his friend’s house, met him and handed over the book and explained to him about the incident.

He didn’t have the courage to look into his eyes.

Initially his friend was surprised to receive the new book in that state, recovered and tapped his friend and said, “what  can you do,  it just happened”. “I will mange”.

Tears were welling in the eyes of the other friend.

That incident remained in psyche for all these years and the way his friend reacted and treated the incident.

The true and great quality of an individual.

Well that friend is none another than our own Chaks  and the friend who spoiled the book was me – Chary.

Dear Checks (Chakradhar Rao) I always wanted to share my feelings about the incident with you and offer my profound regrets  and thanks for your magnanimity and support at that phase of our career.