That was 1967. Class representative elections were just over. Anant and Guru were declared elected. It was decided that Anant will be for the first half and Guru for the second year.

We planned an excursion to Nagarjunasagar with an overnight stop. First day and night was full of fun. Next day morning some guys walked down to the back waters of Sagar at the back of their cottage vijay vihar. The Sagar was full.

One guy ventured into waters saying “he knows swimming”. Within no time he was in distress and about to drown.


Another guy jumped into water caught  hold of his hands and dragged him to shores.

When questioned about his swimming skills, he admitted it was only seashore swimming at vizag.

A major catastrophe would have resulted. Can you guess who that guy was?

He is none other than our own Krishna Mohan.

The guy who dragged him out was Bhopal Reddy. And the other guys were Laxmaih, Jagannath Rao and Chary.